I recently met up with a mom friend of mine I hadn’t seen in a while. We both have 3 boys and crazy busy lives, so it was one of those long overdue reunions where neither person is sure when to end the hug, almost like if you let go you might not get them back. Seeing her made my day. And as the cherry on the sundae, she told me, “I can’t believe your baby is only 7 months – you look great!” Then she stumbled, “I mean, not that you didn’t before, but, you know, I mean…” I giggled. I totally knew what she meant. She had given me what I affectionately refer to as a Mompliment, and not only was I totally flattered, but the ensuing conversation about Mompliments inspired a whole post about it. Urban Dictionary defines a Mompliment less lovingly if your’e so-inclined, but my definition is here:

Mompliment n. – compliment paid to a mom, usually by a mom who is probably too sleep-deprived and encumbered by to-do lists to use normal words and properly structured sentences but who nonetheless means the compliment completely sincerely even if it doesn’t come out right. See also verbal diarrhea. See also foot-in-mouth syndrome. 

ex. I meant to say you look amazing, but it came out wrong. I guess I gave you a Mompliment, but you know what I meant.

Here are some of my favorite Mompliments.  What are some of yours?

Folding A Fitted Sheet 2014. All Rights Reserved.

Folding A Fitted Sheet 2014. All Rights Reserved.


One thought on “Mompliments

  1. Oh, so true. I think I actually gave myself a mompliment when I decided to get new clothes and pants that didn’t give me muffin top. Then proceeded to point it out to my sister. (Palm meets forehead)


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