12 things I cleaned up today

  1. milk at least 4 times [I’m serious, and I may have cried during one, what?]
  2. cat vomit once [rockstar hubs got the second round, thanks babe]
  3. putrid deep freezer ooze, since one of the kids turned the freezer off
  4. antibiotic-fueled diaper blowout
  5. 3-year-old’s culinary creations consisting of dried pasta, fresh strawberries, crushed tangerines, and all the sugar I had left for tomorrow’s coffee [yay]
  6. crushed cereal
  7. oatmeal [that people use this cement-alternative as a beauty treatment raises some questions for me; it’s certainly not making my house look prettier]
  8. yogurt
  9. 16 ounces of sparkling water [just grateful it wasn’t mommy’s special sparkling water, ahem]
  10. a cup of tea [after I enjoyed a quarter of it at least]
  11. Something I can’t identify.
  12. Something NASA can’t identify.

Did you clean up anything interesting today?


One thought on “12 things I cleaned up today

  1. ohhhh do you need some sugar, I can run it by if you do? LOL, yes I did clean up something interesting but the smell is still to fresh in my mind that if I spell it out I’ll be ill. alrighty then.


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