3 days until we make the leap. We’re scared and tense. And were it not for for a few days at the beach and a couple of pina coladas [teehee] we’d have killed each other by now for sure.  The time away has been a good opportunity to have some last minute ‘are we sure about this‘ conversations. There have been moments, like me forgetting diapers and sunscreen before a 2 hour boat excursion, where I was ready to bail on our plans, so sure I’m headed for failure.  But there have been some really sweet moments too, like wrapping my 3 year old up in his daddy’s tee-shirt to keep him from getting a chill in the ocean breeze, and watching my 1 year old ‘steer‘ the boat with an ear-to-ear grin and the wind whipping through his platinum locks. In those moments, there isn’t a doubt in my mind that we’re doing the right thing, and not a moment too soon.

And then there are the amazing texts and emails and Facebook messages I’ve gotten this week from my friends, cheering me along as I get ready to make the break from work next week. They, and the people who’ve sent them, mean the world to me.  I’m going to make you guys proud. Thank you for being awesome!  XOXO

3 days.


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