No, I’m not pregnant.  But I am obsessing about our “nest” as if I were due any day. It’s driving me a little crazy actually, especially since my home decorating budget is about to go from zero to half of that [I know that’s still zero, smarty-pants]. Every nook and cranny in my house, and even my car, is calling out to me with new ideas like a fresh new Pottery Barn or Container Store catalogue arriving in the mail. I want shelving on every wall, boxes on every shelf, treatments on every window, and pillows everywhere.  I’m even into baskets now [I thought my mother was crazy when she went through what I now lovingly call her ‘basket phase’ and now I totally get it – bring on the wicker!]

After peeing on a stick just to be sure, I had to think about why I might be feeling this nesting urge, in hopes of containing the crazy before I turned into a literal basket case. I guess it’s nerves. This is a fresh start and I want my new workspace to be fresh too.  Our home’s purpose will soon be elevated beyond a space to eat, sleep, and clean [ha! clean].  It will become the primary space that my children and I spend our days, and I want it to be organized, orderly, and inspiring.

And call me old-fashioned, but I still think there’s something to the notion that a woman’s home is a reflection of her.  Right now my home says ‘working mom with very little time to clean, much less decorate. God I hope that’s chocolate on the floor…wait, where’s the cat?

And of course I’ll be spending a lot more time with all that empty, unorganized, undecorated wallspace soon and one Land of Nod catalogue may just put me over the edge.

I’d like to dedicate this post to my super-tolerant, hard-working husband, who graciously/stupidly agreed to build me an amazing shelving-system and folding table in my laundry room. It’s beautiful. Thank you, love you!


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