No turning back

I want to tell everyone about my new plan. I’m so excited, and finding it difficult to keep a secret [not that blogging is the best way to keep a secret to begin with]. Not to mention, the closer I get, the harder it is to get motivated for the daily grind. I’m desperate to be more a part of my kids’ lives.

So I told my 3 year old recently, to start getting him thinking about it, preparing him for a change in his school schedule. We’re planning for him to remain in preschool 2 days a week when I stop working.  He seems excited about it, even if he doesn’t totally understand the impact it will have on him. But today when I mentioned it again, he says gleefully across the breakfast table, “Mommy, you have to stay home with me because you’re my best friend.” I struggled to swallow the bite of fried egg and the lump of emotion in my throat. 

Not a chance of turning back now.  I can’t wait to spend more time with him. After all, I have to enjoy being his best friend for as long as he’ll let me.


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