Why do I write this blog?

I guess all bloggers have a reason for sharing their thoughts online, and for the most part I think novelty factors heavily. For me a love of writing is first and foremost. I loved writing from a very early age, writing my first “novel” at age 11 [a 50-page story about horses, my favorite subject at the time]. I’ve been blogging since there was LiveJournal, wrote and illustrated my first children’s book in 2010, and now have a second on the way.  My reasons for writing this blog are still a little tbd.

  • This is a turning point in my life and I want to document it; a friend said to me when I told her of my plan to stay home that I would grow in ways I never imagined.  I want to remember that in the inevitable moments when things get tough, when I’m literally crying over spilled milk, or obsessing needlessly over why the dryer keeps eating the family’s socks. 
  • I think it makes me accountable. So far, my decision to plan to stay home still feels hypothetical. It’s a decision many mothers never have the opportunity to even think about, much less plan for or action. That’s because it isn’t an easy decision, at least not for some of us. And challenges can give rise to doubt, fear, and self-defeat. This is one of the most important, and frankly scary, decisions I’ll ever make. And the sacrifices our family is making will test my resolve repeatedly. The pressure is tremendous, but I’m certain that it’s the right choice for us, and I want to see it through.
  • I hope that it helps someone. At least by sharing some truths, like the knowledge that motherhood is hard, and all good mothers work, whether at home or in the office; that staying at home isn’t just watching Oprah and banging the tennis coach, though if that’s your setup, by all means rock what you’ve got; and that going to work is how some of us mother best, by keeping our kids fed, and our sanity maintained. Maybe I’ll even inspire one or two moms to make the same leap, to see that it’s not such an unachievable goal to survive on one income, or a struggling new business. Or maybe I’ll send a few running screaming for the nearest boardroom. Who knows.

And maybe writing will just be a therapeutic outlet for me, or even turn into a career.  I’m just glad to have some peeps along for this ride. 


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